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Ripple (Рипл)

All trading involves risk, losses can exceed your deposits.

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Released in as a real-time gross settlement system, Ripple was one of the first cryptocurrencies that had a function apart from being a means of exchange or payment. Similar to Ethereum, Ripple is the name of the cryptocurrency platform, while the transactional protocol is known as XRP, just as Ether is to Ethereum.

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What sets Ripple apart from other digital currencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin is that its transfer fees are significantly lower. Also, transfers are almost instantaneous, given that it does not need the usual confirmation time of other cryptocurrencies.

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Ripple facilitates the transfer of all types of currency, whether fiat or digital, and the platform can be used for almost any type of exchange, even frequent flier miles! The Ripple platform has gained huge popularity among traders because some of the biggest names in ripple crypto financial industry, such as American Express, UBS, Santander, RBC, and Westpac, have shown interest in the project.

With ATFX, you can take advantage of Ripple price movements in a secure and ripple crypto trading environment, with leverage ofand excellent customer support.

Ripple crypto Ripple CFDs are a leveraged product it is important to understand that any profits or losses will be magnified, and you should manage your risk accordingly. Trading the CFD of Ripple is one way of gaining exposure to this exciting project, without running the risks of having to purchase and store the digital coin yourself, or leaving your coins exposed at exchanges.

ripple crypto

Ripple CFDs offer traders the opportunity to speculate on price movements, without owning the underlying ripple crypto currency. In comparison to purchasing the underlying cryptocurrencies, CFDs are less hassle and allow for faster settlements. You will also gain access to our very low Ripple CFD spreads, and can easily set up automated trading strategies to speculate on price movements in this leading cryptocurrency.

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Ripple crypto with complete peace of mind, in a secure environment that has trader interests as its top priority.

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